Quitting 'Live' via Utah Quitters Realty TV!

Meet Kathy. She is a lifelong athlete and 30 year smoker. She is ready to get back into the game! She is quitting in honor of her parents who both died from tobacco-related illness.

Research shows that peer support signficantly increases your chances of a successful quit. Reading about another quitter's triumphs and challenges can help you get through your own. It really helps to see that you are not alone, that struggles can be overcome and your fears and concerns are normal. Watching another quitter go through the process can help normalize your quit experience and provide encouragement. 

Here at QuitNet, we often hear it was member testimonials that inspired another member to quit, or helped someone to keep going through challenging times. This month, seven Utah quitters were chosen to participate in a reality TV quit journey. We invite you to read their stories and lend your support. Please join them as they go through their self-documented journey to becoming tobacco free!

You already met Kathy; here are the remaining six Utah quitters and a little about them: 

Gavin is a musician, writer, and  smoker for over 20 years. He is quitting for his health, an upcoming race challenge and his future family.

Tanner is a young dad-to-be and smoker of five years. He is quitting for his  unborn child.

Bob and Mary Beth have been in love for 37 years, and smoking even longer. They are quitting so they can grow old together. 

Chelsea is only 22 years old, but has been secretly smoking for the last  five years. She is quitting now to ensure a healthy future.

Scarlet is an aerospace worker and smoked for over 30 years. She is quitting for a brighter smile and freedom from addiction.

Chances are, their smoking history, motivations, concerns, struggles and successes are similar to yours. You can cheer them on through the BecomeAQuitter Facebook,Twitter and Youtube channel, as well as read more about each one of them here.

Would you like to share Your quit story? Stay tuned for information on how your quit can be featured right here on the Quit Blog! 


Vikki Q CTTS-M
Master Certified Tobacco Treatment Specialist