QuitNet Members' Quit-Smoking Stories: Lancer071

Welcome to the this week's installment of Member Stories, which features Steve M, aka Lancer071, who celebrates a 5-year quit!

"I smoked for 30 years, and at last count was smoking about 35 cigarettes a day.

"I tried quitting Cold turkey, failed. Patches failed. It all failed. I was missing a key ingredient for a lasting quit--Support. I found that here in QuitNet.

"The coughing, and being outta breath, is what made me decide to quit smoking this time. I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. I was lost and looking for help online to quit smoking,and I stumbled upon the Q. It was a listing on Yahoo search, if I recall, back in 2004.

"As far as what inspires me to stay quit--I'm not sure inspire is the word for it. A picture for the mind maybe, the little demon in a corner doing push-ups to keep in shape for the next time I get relaxed and say, "Yeah, I can have just one." Knowing there is only the promise of a slow death, and picking up right where I left off. I lost a 6 month quit, and the shame and guilt is another inspiration to stay quit now.

"This quit is a record for me. It took everything I had to make this quit stick. I did it by living here at the Q mostly, and had the attitude of do or die (because that's where it was leading to, anyway). The clubs are the real lifesavers for me. The support I received there was unbounding, unselfish.They never had a harsh word, never left me, and always had my back. So if the Q is a quit-tool, it's all I need.

"I have made so many lifelong friends here. I have met many Q people face to face, and all are wonderful people sharing the same goal. I met the one true love of my life here; all the other women have been a joke up till this Angel came into my life, and taught me that anything is possible. Meeting my soulmate here on the Q? Priceless.

"My most valuable advice to new ex-smokers? Never quit quitting!!! I have had a dozen quits go bad before this 5 year quit. "Never quit quitting" by me.

"There's really not much I can say about a web site that has saved my life...oh yes, there is: Thank you to all the Q family that I'm sure it takes to keep this wonderful place going. You saved me. Thank you!!!!"

Steve M, aka lancer071