Keep The Happy In Your Holiday And Stay Smoke-Free

Expectations. Crowds. Obligations. Family Issues. Loneliness. Money. That wonderful holiday season is here again. Will yours be filled with joy, good company, relaxation and time off work? Or, will it be filled with stress, too little time, over spending, over eating and wishing it were all over with? Holidays can be a big relapse trigger, so today is a great day to set yourself up to succeed. How? Just say No

Just say No to parties you have no interest in going to, that gathering that ends up in a fight every year, gift exchanges you can't afford and any other obligation you feel pressured in to. For some people, being alone is depressing. For some people, depressing is attending a dinner gathering of married couples when solo. Couples may prefer holiday alone time to enjoy each other's company minus the crowd. Feel free to stay home or go where you feel happiest. That may be a crowded theater, your favorite restaurant or some precious at home time off work with zero 'to do' items.  You really don't have to be, go or do anything you don't want to. This year, commit to saying No to everything you don't have a heartfelt interest in doing. The secret to having a fun, relaxing, wonderful holiday is giving yourself permission to do Only Things That Are Fun, Relaxing And Wonderful to You!

Relax. You may have time off work, or time off family as they are out shopping and visiting and so forth. Take some well deserved time for You, whatever you want to do with it! Reach out. Call people you care about and want to spend time with. Meet for coffee, wrap presents together, catch a movie, go for a walk, have a nice holiday breakfast. A long holiday weekend means you can connect with friends your work schedules may not usually allow for. Married, single or somewhere in between, there are always ways to share the spirit of the season in a manner that is meaningful to You. You may want to just hang out in your house alone for once and relax - it is up to you!

Plan ahead. Think about about how you want to spend your time and your money, how you really feel about crowded malls, stressful obligations and so forth:

  • The most relaxing enjoyable things I could do this year are: 
  • One thing I will say No to this year:
  • One thing I will be sure to do for Me this year:
  • To reduce stress I will: 
  • To enjoy my time off I will: 
  • One person I will be sure to reach out to: 
  • One thing I am not getting pressured into this year:
  • I give myself permission to: 
  • I commit to keeping my quit my first priority. If I feel tempted, I will: 
  • As far as dieting or not dieting, I am going to: 

Enjoy. By actively choosing to have a wonderful holiday, you can reduce stress and relapse triggers. By learning to say No to things that you feel pressured or obligated to do, you will be saying Yes to an enjoyable and rewarding holiday season. This year, give yourself a gift ~ the gift of Happiness:)

Happy Holidays, and KTQ!

Vikki Q CTTS-M

Master Certified Tobacco Treatment Specialist