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QuitNet Members' Personal Quit-Smoking Stories: Meet Froglady!



Welcome to this week's installment of QMember Stories, featuring Froglady - who just celebrated a 14 year quit she started at the Q in 1999!

Quit Smoking at QuitNet!"I smoked at least two packs plus a day for more than 42 years. I tried to quit smoking many, many, many times. But once I joined QuitNet I was successful the very first time, and knew that I had found my forever quit!

"The worst part about my smoking was that 99% of my friends and relatives did not smoke; how they tolerated me I will never know. But, the main reason (other than #1, health concerns) I quit is that I had just bought a brand new silver convertible sports car (little old lady trying to hold on to her youth!) and I vowed that I would never stink it up with foul smoke!

"When I decided to stop smoking I went online looking for a support group, and on July 1, 1999 I found  QuitNet. I had never belonged to an online group before so my first stop was the chat room. I was actually still smoking at that time and I was amazed at the warm welcome I received. From that moment on I knew that I had found a new addiction to replace my smoking .... QuitNet. With the help and support of my new found friends, I set a quit date of July 26, 1999, and it has now been 14 over years for me without a single puff!

"I quit using Wellbutrin and the nicotine patch. I had never tried NRTs before and I think that is what made the difference. Some people are against NRTs, but I say do whatever works for you.

"Today, I have freedom, freedom, freedom from being tied to the end of a cigarette! But, the MOST significant change in my life was being invited to visit my brother and sister in law in San Francisco. Because I live in Miami , we didn't get to see each other very often, and while it was never discussed, I knew that I was not invited to visit because I was a smoker. When I quit, I got my first invitation in more than 30 years, became a frequent visitor, and had some wonderful times that I would not have had experienced otherwise if I were still smoking.

"Unfortunately, my brother, who was 7 years my junior and not a smoker, died very suddenly of a heart attack in November, 2010. I never expected that I would outlive him. This is another reason why I am so grateful to QuitNet -- for making it possible to spend so much more special time with him that I otherwise would have missed if I had continued to smoke. My trip to the West Coast for the funeral was surreal and I was in a complete daze, but it wasn't until I arrived home that I realized I had not thought once about having a cigarette. At that point, I knew that I would never go back to smoking again NO MATTER WHAT, and that I was done with cigarettes forever.

"Without a doubt, the most interesting and memorable experiences I have had on the Q was the chance to attend two QuitNet 3D Meets - one in Chicago in 2007 and the other in Seattle in 2008. I met over 100 Q members in person! Real people, and most of them just as nice and caring in person as they were online! I can also remember my worst experience as a smoker -- when I had just started a new job and one of the benefits was a company car......that I promptly set on fire when I threw a cigarette out of the window and it blew back in and landed in the back seat. And, no, I wasn't fired! (pun intended)

"I suggest you use the tools offered to you. For me, the chat room was a place where I literally lived for the first few months of my quit. By using the Forums and reading, reading, reading, I gained invaluable information from people who had already been through the quitting process and applied their advice and experience to my own quit.

"My most valuable piece of advice to others trying to quit smoking? I would say never give up! Anyone can quit if they sincerely want to, and if they commit themselves 100% to reaching that goal. 'There is no can't, only won't.'"

Keep coming back, and KTQ,

Sheila, the Frog Princess (j/k!).



I have not smokes a full cigarette now for about 5 weeks (still slip in te morning with coffee) Im on the patch and do well all day, My question is why am I sp tired all of the time?? Depressed?? sad?? anyone have any answers? Will this pass??
Posted @ Thursday, August 01, 2013 3:54 PM by MARLENE
Thank you so much for giving back in your activities and in your sharing. I made myself a social outcast too for my smoking and I also have set a car on fire. I stupidly smoked for 57 years and credit Quitnet and its people and resources for making the critical difference. Bobm
Posted @ Thursday, August 01, 2013 3:59 PM by Bob Martin
Sheila, you are the rock that holds the Q together. You are and have always been an inspiration for me. Because of your dedication to helping others, I have maintained my quit for 8 and a half years. Thank you from all of us. 
Posted @ Saturday, August 03, 2013 7:12 AM by Betsy
Congratulations Sheila! 14 beautiful years. Thanks for giving back so much to the Q!!! So happy to share in the joy of your quit. You were there when I quit 4 years ago and I will forever be grateful to the Q for bringing such a great support community together.
Posted @ Saturday, August 03, 2013 10:39 AM by Maggie (nomorenada)
Congrats Sheila! 14 years is a long time and a wonderful inspiration for me to reach the same goal. My quit has been 111 days and still counting. I will reach it (I hope) LOL......Yes I will...will...will. Thank you to the Q for so much support and inspiration.
Posted @ Sunday, August 04, 2013 7:07 PM by Jan Bannister
Besides freedom from smoking, I thank Quitnet for making it possible for me to meet you and thus for us to become close friends!
Posted @ Sunday, August 04, 2013 8:24 PM by Ruth
I dont know if im putting this in the right place but wanted to share my patch experience. I smoked 3 packs a day for 25 years, then when my daughter was born decided i had to quit if i was going to be around for her 10th birthday.I used patches. I would use 4 or more 21mg patches a day, i would put one on as soon as i got up, and keep adding and or removing all day to get the nicotine i needed. Whenever the patches would wear out i would start to get cranky just like i did when i tried to quit smoking. I tried to get off the patch countless times with no sucess. On my daughters 10th birthday i realized the patches bought me time, but were still going to kill me eventually and i had to get off them. nothing i tried worked, it was very depressing. Finallly i hit on this and it worked for me (after 10 years of being addicted to the patch). I started with putting a patch on at 6 am every day and removing them at 10 pm every day. (i never wore patches at night) then I moved up the put on time by 10 minutes every day and the take off time down by 10 minutes every day, so every week i was putting on and taking off about an hour less. once in a while i couldn't wait the extra 10 minutes which i allowed myself, as long as i didn't let myself go backwards. It took about 2 months till i got to where i put the patch on for an hour a day and that was it, then just stopped using them. It is one of the hardest things ive had to do, spent the first month feeling like i was drugged up until i put the patch on. however i did get thru it. I am sending this because i tried so many different things for so long that didn't work, i was sure i was going to be using patches for the rest of my life and now am so glad to be free of them, hope this will help someone else.
Posted @ Monday, December 02, 2013 12:37 PM by paul
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