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Sleep Better After Quitting Smoking


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You’ve quit smoking so that you can live a healthier, happier life. Maybe after you kicked the habit, you picked up a couple of healthier ones like eating a more balanced diet, getting more exercise, or managing your stress. But what about sleep?  

Sleep is something we often take for granted. We all need sleep, and yet it may be the first thing that is sacrificed in a busy day. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 25% of U.S. adults experience insufficient sleep or rest. Crankiness, difficulty concentrating, and fatigue can be a direct result of not getting enough sleep. A good night's rest is important to both physical and mental health. Chronic sleep deprivation has been linked to greater risk for obesity, depression and anxiety. Another alarming statistic estimates that, each year, 100,000 police-reported crashes are related to driving while tired!

Many ex-smokers complain of having trouble falling asleep or staying asleep after quitting smoking. While sleep woes are a common and frustrating complaint among recent quitters, they are also temporary. Nicotine’s effect on sleep is largely due to its stimulant properties which keep the body and mind in alert mode instead of wind down mode. In addition, since the body goes without nicotine for a long period during sleep, smokers may awaken earlier in response to withdrawal. Smoking is also a risk factor for an array of sleep disorders including sleep apnea, insomnia, and exaccerbation of restless leg syndrome. Ultimately, quitting smoking is the best thing you can do to rest easier!

Knowing you need more sleep and actually getting more sleep can be two different things. While sleep needs vary, the average adult needs roughly between 7-8 hours of sleep. Quality of sleep, however, is just as important as the amount of sleep you get. Here are some simple tips to getting more and better quality sleep.

First, invest in your sleep environment. Proper support, including mattresses and pillows tailored to individual bodies and sleep styles, can help improve sleep quality. Also keep your bedroom dark and the temperature cool.

Second, go to bed and get up at around the same time every day, including on weekends. Creating a consistent sleep and wake schedule helps regulate the body's internal clock. It's slightly more important to wake up around the same time of day as it's easier to force yourself to wake up than it is to force yourself to be sleepy.

Third, avoid alcohol and caffeine 4-5 hours before bedtime.  Beer, wine, soda, coffee, tea, etc. signal the brain to stay awake and can take several hours to clear the body.

Last, restrict your bedroom activities to sleep and sex. This means keeping electronic devices—TVs, ipads, cell phones, books (electronic or otherwise) and other distractions—out of the bedroom.  Even backlighting produced from these devices is a powerful cue for your brain to stay awake.

Pick up getting more sleep as a healthy habit and you will not doubt be rewarded with feeling good, alert, and energized.




1/22/13 145pm 
My last cigarette was 145 p.m. before I started the patches is at 230 pm on Tuesday the 22nd 2013 I couldn't sleep at all because I was craving the cigarettes I was craving the cigarette I still did not smoke at all I woke up at 442 in the morning still did not smoke at all it's been 17 hours without no cigarettes I am proud of myself.  
Wednesday the 23rd 2013 it was 1258 p.m. afternoon still not craving a cigarette so far the only thing I miss is holding a cigarette between my fingers but did not touch 1 pack of cigarettes at all  
Thursday 24 2013 the time 513 pm still no cigarettes it's been 2 days 3 hours in 3 minutes without no cigarette Thursday the 24th 2013 is 1044 pm I am craving a little bit the cigarette but I want to quit so I'm fighting for myself to quit smoking  
Friday the 25th 2013 930 a.m. in the morning without no cigarettes been 2 days 19 hours and 48 minutes no cigarettes no problems. 
Today is Friday the 25th 2013 is 505 p.m. been 3 days 3 hours 19 minutes no cigarettes doing good so far  
Jan 25. 13  
I was having a big craving for cigarettes but if open a candy put it in my mouth help me lot still didn't smoke at all the time right now is 11:13 pm no cigarettes from now been 9 hr without cigarette doing good 
On Sunday 27th 2013 12:14 afternoon no cigarette been 4day 22 hour 22 mines  
today is Sunday 27th 2013 time 7:26 pm no cigarette no craving for cigarette I know can do this if keep self busy or doing something. Been 5 days 5 hours 47 mines. 
I have a special person help me quitting smoking her name Kelly Anne Affeldt Bonds thank you for helping quit smoking and i love you for that 
Today Monday 28, 2013 12:54 am morning no craving for cigarettes. I Don't understand why i start it to smoke cigarette I thought make me look cool smoking but was 19 yr old didn't know different of good or bad. I start it with one pack cigarette few months later start buying 2 carton of cigarette cost me $56.00 1 cartoon of cigarette. 
Today is Monday 28th 2013 time 8:04pm was craving little bit for cigarette but no cigarette been 6 day 6 hr 21 mines without no cigarette hell yeah doing so good  
On Monday 28 2013 
Good morning 7 day without no cigarette  
Kelly telling me this morning was talking sleep I was saying something about parking trailer, and was speaking Spanish I don’t remember talking in sleep lol 
Tuesday 29. 2013 3:25pm without no cigarette no craving for a cigarettes. Used a patch per day I have 20 patches left been 7days 1 hours 47 mines without no cigarettes only the hard times I'm craving a cigarette in morning lunch and dinner and a middle of nighttime so far I won't ask anyone for a cigarette because I want to quit smoking and save money and I want to be healthy I want to live longer to piss off Kelly bonds but Kelly bonds is my support for quitting smoking I love her for that  
Tuesday 29. 6:08pm feel wired I don’t know how explain it but not craving for a cigarettes. 4 hours without cigarettes. My hand feel empty cause used holding a cigarettes. But wont touch a cigarettes. Cause I want to quit smoking need more supports  
today is my 8 day 4 hours, 25 minutes and 17 seconds without no cigarettes but last night feeling weird but didn't touch no cigarettes love u Kelly bonds helping me 
Wednesday the 30th 2013 time 6:08pm no cravings for cigarettes the only time craving cigarettes is between 145 p.m. to 245 p.m. is been 8 Days 4 hours without no cigarettes I have 19 patches Left to use  
Thursday 31 2013 12:26pm no cravings for cigarettes been 9 days without no cigarettes didn’t buy any cigarettes pack saving money to buy better thing  
Thursday 31 2013 I Tooke off patch for 3 hour and End of 3hour was craving for cigarettes so put my patch on. Been 9 days 5 hour 23 mines without no cigarettes 
January 31.2013  
I Can not believe took my patch off for 3 hours and fall sleep woke up craving a cigarette but didn't touch Cigarette and put new patch because was craving cigarettes  
I know I could do this if I keep it up. February 1 2013 no craving for a cigarette been 9days 10hour 34 mines so far doing OK plus don't act like punk like use to 
February 1 2013 2:am morning still awake. cant sleep, not craving a cigarette. I won't purchase any cigarettes. I want to quit smoking, so I can take my sweetheart out for Valentines day. Need a babysitter for that night 
11 days Been 10 hours 53 min without no cigarettes no craving I feel great about self couldn't do without my sweetheart support  
Feb 1 2013 so far doing OK no craving for cigarettes been 10 hour without cigarettes I am at Sizzler eat lunch with my sweetheart. 5:46pm I turn a cigarette I couldn’t it take 1 hit of cigarette it made me sick I was going to puke so put a patch back on cause cigarette made me sick couldn’t finish the cigarette at all  
February 1 2013 11:11pm been  
When try to smoke cigarette this afternoon made me sick i don't miss the cigarette i had 2 give way open cigarette pack cause don't need them any more.  
February 2 12a.m  
Been 10 days just trying one cigarette didn't like it at all plus don't miss the cigarette at all my hand feels empty better hold my Smartphone to keep myself busy  
Today saved 120 dollar without buying any cigarette  
Took my girlfriend to Sizzler eat lunch i spent $47.00 dollars there then buying any cigarette pack.  
February 2 2012 1a.m an the morning no cigarette no craving but hand feels empty but i don't want to hold any cigarette.  
11 days 9 hours 40 mines without no cigarette  
Feb. 3 2013 
it's been 12days 16 hours and 10 minutes I had cravings but still did not touch any cigarettes Products Saturday 11 pm I am still awake can't sleep don't know why I can't sleep maybe it's because the nicotine patch or is because I slept a few hours earlier anyways I just heard my recording talking in my sleep it is funny.  
Today I just talked to my counselor for smoking and ask her do I need to start over treatment because I picked up a cigarette and took 1 drag and I couldn't keep the the smoke in my mouth do I need to start all over my counselor said no because I never finished a cigarette and I never stop using the nicotine patches so she ask me again what happen when I took the 1 drag from that cigarette and made me sick and puke and she said that's good thing and she asked me what did I do with opens cigarette pack I told her I give it away to a friend that smokes.  
.Today is 12days without no cigarettes products this afternoon again I called my smoke counselor she told me today because I picked up 1 cigarette I didn't have to start all over quitting smoking treatment because I never finish this cigarette and I just took 1 drag in a was nasty she ask me to explain what that I mean nasty the taste the feeling that I grab a cigarette and I told her both the feeling that I grab 1 cigarette and the taste and smell of the cigarette smoke. My counselor said save yourself and don't listen to the people that makes you trigger for a cigarette I told her it is hard to ignored the people that makes me trigger to grab a cigarette it's not easy because I trying the the hard ignored these people not working when I have a trigger all getting on my face book and play Farkle or I open a hard candy and use that as a cigarette.  
It is 4:17 pm the afternoon my hand feels empty so I'm eating a candy. It's been 12 days 14 hours feeling a little bit of craving so I'm eating hard candy and watching a movie to keep me busy. The time is 4:35 pm afternoon I feel empty without no cigarettes so far no cigarettes for me I want to save money.  
Today is 5 pm I'm having a rough time I don't understand why I'm craving a cigarette my hand feels empty I'm watching a movie to keep me busy it's not really working . I still the not touch any cigarette product is it's been 12 days 15 hours and 25 minutes and and I'm having a rough time the reason I don't understand I have I've been using the nicotine patch so I don't understand. I really don't have any supporters.  
It's been 12 days in 4 hours and 40 minutes I've been having a craving for a cigarette is because I don't have nothing to hold on between my fingers so it feels empty but is 6:28 pm and I'm holding on to my Smartphone and a hair tie and playing with it so is working a little bit but it's not working fast enough. Well it's time to eat another hard candy. Is 7 :11 p.m. I am craving a cigarette but a hard candy my hands feels empty my fingers feels empty because I'm used to holding a cigarette pack my fingers feel empty because I'm not holding his cigarette to keep my hands busy I'm holding my Smartphone I have time I will never touch a cigarette again. It's been 12 days 5 hours and 29 minutes without touching any cigarettes products or asking for a cigarette my craving is going away but not fast enough I have a choice to quit smoking I'll go back holding a cigarette I choose to quit from my health a better attitude  
What makes me trigger to pick up a cigarette  
Trigger 1. In the morning  
Trigger 2. Lunch time  
Trigger 3 when someone makes me angry  
Trigger 4 dinner time  
trigger 5 when I am stressed out  
Trigger 6 when someone touches my stuff.  
Trigger 7 when my hand feels empty  
Posted @ Monday, February 04, 2013 12:43 AM by luis
That is very true that by quiting smoke you will be able to get the peaceful sleep as you will be not having craving for smoking anymore.
Posted @ Friday, May 03, 2013 2:48 AM by portable vaporizers
I only have tried not smoking didn't since Sunday. I have the mini lozenges. I smoked one Sunday and yesterday 5 because work stressed me out. Plus how do you stop the craving for a cigarette after you eat? That is my main problem along with stress smoking.
Posted @ Tuesday, January 07, 2014 2:38 PM by annette
hi all. I been quit smoking 5 and half months. I already suffer insomnia 3 weeks so ist the withdrawal symptoms? And take how long to recovery it? :-/
Posted @ Friday, January 24, 2014 11:00 AM by Thomas
Fabmart's Springwel mattress has good comfort and it is probably the main advantage of this type of mattress. It gives good sleeping experience.
Posted @ Friday, October 10, 2014 6:04 AM by Shenoiekaant
Wow! I have been wanting to quit for a very long time now. I would take walks and have a smoke, spray Cologne on me eat a piece of candy. Ok my children are both in their mid twenties. Who was I fooling. (myself). Oneday my son whines 26 says to me I know you and dad smoke. My response I've had a few in my day . He said I saw you smoking the other day. I refused to keep lying when I ask them not too. I promised I would give it up, I cannot speak for his dad. He may speak to him if he wishes. I got very sick with the worse upper respiratory infection that I have ever had. It was a good thing that was October 15th, I didn't want a cigarette, I was way too sick. It's been 12 days tomorrow, I don't want any, haven't craved any the entire time and don't want any. I three all my lighters and matches out. Removed all my jackets that I wore while hiding my cigarettes. Through them in the wash. I am full of energy, no more coughs, no more cravings everywhere I see someone smoking, and best of all no more smelling from stinking cigarettes. I haven't felt this great in,a very long time. God is sooooo goooooooooood <3
Posted @ Sunday, October 26, 2014 9:50 PM by Janny
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